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Concerning unholy masses of Zitternfleisch... - Oswald's Tower [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Concerning unholy masses of Zitternfleisch... [Mar. 9th, 2006|01:09 pm]
Oswald's Tower


[Current Mood |amusedamused]

I'm too lazy to go and check if I've posted something like this before, but it's still amusing.

This craziness is brought to you by http://www.freetranslation.com and its ability to translate something from English to German, and then back to English.

Yes, I have far too much time on my hands and very foolish ways to spend it. :)

Here are the Orange Group Quotes from the Library of Highmoon, as the Estivinians would understand them:

If the fire begins to speak again if the volts you receive, comes receives me". --Mr Levesque to three

"Demons? If you can retain an under control, it will be probable the best servant around". --Steve on adjuration [OOC]

"I have wanted to discuss had" an idea that I with that three of you two. --Steve planning with Just and Stacie [OOC]

"You condemn. It must be the exhaust fumes of that cat". --Gavin attempt to explain its behavior while charms

"You know, come all good things to the beautiful". --Mr Levesque during under a friendship spelling

"You will return if they finds" somewhat largely and disgustingly. "It is HELL! It IS large and disgusting!" --Solarius and sound when three hiked from in Hades

"Good thing that I sleep and did not hear I that you think" that. --Justin when Mr. Levesque Gavin insulted out of character

"I am a nice fellow. Why, only the other day I have someone of a burning. .. Trash compactor saved". --Mr Levesque to two fanatical Nethenists

"You can speak after I ask the following question. Why are you here? Endfrage". --Mr Levesque interviewing Alka

"If you are wanna in this group, must be you just as tough as nails. It is gotta harder than ..than..." "Nails"! --Gavin and Mr. Levesque at the interview of Alka

"He, cats fellow! Goes, sees dead is if that corpse!" --Alka to Seldrin after a battle

"You do not understand! There is a large drop that eats you! You hurry or it become yourself drop all over you!" --Mr Levesque demanding aid with an unholy mass of Zitternfleisch

Do "you a volume want? Call to or perhaps a sheep, your characteristic"? --Mr Levesque on ear the executions of Minesia

Power" is "information. "No. power is power". --Minesia and Mr. Levesque

"I did not eat my Meaty-O. That is how I proved to be a girly-man. --Mr. Levesque

"I bet" espers taste well. "Clearly. They have much Elamonel in them. I hear that they taste, like sugar". --Mr Levesque and Gavin that persuade Alka to eat an esper

"Men are Gods and shit as well as that". --Just [OOC]

"Good morning father .Dumb...Guy." --Mr Levesque greeting there gas Himanil

"Gate-ay, a dor-ay, that took in claim to the ground-ay, br> over behind the Türay it that fellow in the stupid gowns is there over there". --Ibid.

"You tried to eat the cook! And you tried to eat the cover creature! (Turns, around creatue to cover) ...what is you"? --Mr Levesque that Alka criticizes, while three were wrapped in covers

"You were gonna! I saw, that you your tusks swinging!" --Ibid.

"That were not tears. That was condensation". --Gavin after in the strip through three stepped to become

"You excuse me. I did not cough could control, and then I my piston". --Steve [OOC]

"You condemn. That supposed became to drive it behind to the hell". --Mr Levesque after giving Tallora iron in hopes of the stripping it as a witch

"Only, because the dog that is concatenated to the entrance hall, does not mean, that it cannot" bark at the cars. --Steve on extrarelationship flirt [OOC]

"I should have killed it when I had the chance. Joke is not sleeps now, that it, and its head roll cannot see from its head". --Gavin on a caught Nethenist

"If we free its minds, its donkeys can follow". --Mr. Levesque

Mr. L: "which business has you here"? AvW: "Well...taking worry of the Nethenists". Mr. L: "through buying it Tellerdeckchen? How do you plan getutte ake worry of them? Fluffing its pillows, perhaps"? --Mr Levesque and Arnheim van wilder

"I am certain is the word on the street many words". --Mr Levesque to Arnheim

"We advisers do not adjust us at the tower, inn, and proceeding! We lead it the door latch to!" --Ibid.

Does "that condemn the one number of child"? --Arnheim on meeting three

"As you see can, is the tower, the inn and the refuge actually a front for our Nethenist-killing business". --Mr. Levesque

"I am no large running spice! I am an elementary power of the wrath!" --Bargolofast the salt mephit

"I do not make material right". --Mr Levesque after failure to learn, two spellings per week

"I am a little direction, shortly and sturdy, here are my claws, and here my snout is if I badly would receive everyone, comes out salt, pisses will dry" me off and I you
out of. --Bargolofast on leading of elementary salt

"No of these absences of the tower will be tolerated! We need the apology of a doctor or a notice of your mom". --Mr Levesque on the absence of Alka

"You are a bundle of caves inhabitants" talked nonsense games. --Just on Estivinians [OOC]

Do "you can, not swim not aware? (Recess) you cannot speak, either. Never consider". --Tak to Tagnox [not orange group, but momentarily it gives nowhere otherwise, it to place].

"Demons are not responsible to someone. Goods except larger demons". --Steve [OOC]

Are you "sent in unarmed combat"? "I am sent in all sort opf shit". --Adam and amber discussing the capacities of Alka [OOC]

"I wanna am a prestige goblin". --Steve answering on the concept of prestige race

B: "you have jolly accent receive". Mr. L: "I learn of ugly goblin". --Baldad and Mr. Levesque speaking goblin

"Let you falling your sword, persons!" "Which do if I have" no sword? "I it see. It is on your rear". "Alas, that sword". --Orcish watch and Gavin

"Traces are usually slimy". --Adam [OOC]

"I wants Tallora, my uncle to be not!" --Three hearing up that Tallora Gavin would replace

Can "you have struck I it with this? I become, like, shell from all its legs and plug full". --Stacie on use three flensing knife on Nethenists [OOC]

"I would like a spear through its head, but I am not place" permitted. --Gavin on Baldad

"I wants the death smell went through the end of the day!" --Mr Levesque that Tugboat and Ugbar instructs to clean the cottage of the gardener

"It must that condemned coffee be!" --Gavin after failure to open, two locked doors after drinking Talagrani coffee

"Hear you, each outside for your striking to!" --Mr Levesque use strikes to awake latent senses

"Plon therewith lean if it turned sideways, cannot see you 'Em. If it turns frontways, do not see can you 'Em, either". --Gavin

You "do not make must expel me your salsa". --Mr Levesque on tower reigns #11

"It is, stumble be concluded not like you over the tub, and on in the cellar story. --Mr Levesque on tower reigns #13

"We cannot value the hellcat. It independently possessed and has served". --Mr. Levesque

"So which task do you apply for?" "My prior magic was burst. Need newly a". --Mr Levesque interviewing Mugwump

"I like goblin with iron Mägen". --Mr Levesque commenting on on the talents of Mugwump

"Dwarves, they think with its axs". --Just [OOC]

"Power to others what it made to you". --Alka

"We want no stone desk. We want a nice marble desk". Marble "not is a stone, gentleman"? "No." --Mr Levesque and Alka

Would be awake: "where you go?" Mugwump: "Hochragt". G: "why"? M: "Wolfsbane." (Recess) G: ""Um...what?" M: "who wolf in tower. We go to heal in it. With wolfsbane. And willowbark. And this magic in a container". --A city watch and Mugwump


From: sol_blackstar
2006-03-10 01:07 pm (UTC)
I would have to agree that you have toooo much time on your hands....

Can I borrow some, I need to get about 12 hours of sleep today in 8 hours.
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